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Ask me questions and/or tell me stories so I have something to which to come back, please?



fill up the ebox?
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i hope to one day have an e-mail address as dramatic as yours always seem to be. .smile.
Haha, Amy! My email addresses are not dramatic, I don't think? Smiling!
I want a gmail email. Sniff, sniff.

Your giraffe icon makes me smile. I want to go to the zoo.


Yeah, I haven't gotten any invites in ages, but if I had one I'd give it too you in a heartbeat. <3

Gerald the Giraffe is the best! operationb drew him for me to replace an icon I had of him. Haha.

SAMMY: Ladies and gentlemen, for almost 35 years, these men have picked on me unmercifully!
DEAN: Look, Sam, if we picked on you in the old days, it wasn’t because you were short.
FRANK: Or black.
DEAN: Or Jewish.
SAMMY: It wasn’t?
FRANK: No, it wasn’t. It was because you’re so goddamned talented, we were jealous.
SAMMY: Really? Because I thought it was because I was short, black and Jewish.
DEAN: And you’ve got one eye.
FRANK: And you talk with a British accent.
DEAN: And your pants are too tight.
FRANK: And you wear too much jewellery.
SAMMY: I see. So it was just jealousy.
Haha, Kiki! That crazy rat pack! :)